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As a factory authorized Reliable Controls dealer we offer our clients the option of customized building automation systems.

Using the latest technology, we can monitor our client’s systems from across the globe. This way, if something goes wrong or the temperature suddenly drops in a specific room, we can see the exact issue and dispatch a technician to quickly restore the system to its proper integrity.

We have provided building automation systems to:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential clients
  • Industrial complexes
  • Marine industries

For businesses with numerous rooms or buildings, each of which are set to varying temperatures, it can be difficult to quickly deduce the source of a sudden heating or cooling fluctuation. In the medical marijuana industry, for example, a change in humidity could put the business at risk, and the more time it takes to solve the problem, the more that risk increases.

View of controls panel

With our building automation systems, we reduce the damage caused by temperature problems, because we can monitor the issue exactly as it happens. And since we can see even the slightest change in a room’s air quality and environment, it allows us to fix an issue before it becomes a safety concern.

We use innovative technology to reduce your energy costs and help you manage all aspects of your energy system.

Building automation systems services include:

  • Designing, installing, and maintaining HVAC controls
  • Integrating existing security systems into the building control systems
  • Retrofitting existing controls systems
  • Designing, installing, maintaining, and integrating BacNet controls systems
  • Supporting and installing of Reliable Controls systems
  • Designing, installing, and maintaining Variable Frequency Drives for all types of motors
  • Designing, installing, and maintaining motorized shades and blinds for building envelope control
  • Engineering, designing, and installing customized graphics and programs for any controls project
  • Trending, run-time, and archival point storage

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