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The do’s and don’ts of Auditoriums and Meeting Halls.

Anyone can design an HVAC system for an auditorium or meeting room, correct? Well the answer is yes!

But not everyone can design an HVAC system that correctly controls noise, comfort, reduces energy consumption, and reduces the air conditioning load.

HVAC System at Bath YMCA

You know the HVAC system is designed well as a visitor when you do not notice the system at all. As an owner, you understand the system is well conceived when people do not complain and your energy bills are reasonable or better than expected.

At USM’s Hannaford Hall we designed an air displacement ventilation system. You look all around and cannot find the air diffusers.  Where are they?  Well they are under the seats. This is important as puts the fresh air where it is most needed, directly under the occupants. It also does something else, by supplying the air low and returning the air just above the occupants, it cuts the cooling load by 25%, as well as air flow, and this saves energy.

If you cannot supply low, maybe you can return low and supply high? This is not quite as good as supplying low and returning high, but significantly better than supplying high and returning high! Do not do this!

Supplying fresh outside ventilation air can also be a challenge, especially in the winter. These auditoriums and large meeting rooms need a lot of fresh air when occupied, to meet code and to reduce CO2. By incorporating an ERV, we can accomplish this, without adding heat or cooling. Not only does this reduce the size of the cooling equipment, it also reduces the need to overheat the air, which in turns dries the air out! Dry air in the winter affects the eyes and who wants to watch a show with dry eyes!

Did you know that with the correct design we can create a comfortable environment and cut operating costs by 50%! What can we do for you?

We have designed auditoriums and large meeting rooms for:
  • University of South Portland at Hannaford Hall
  • Portland Stage
  • Biddeford Theatre
  • Lyric Music Theatre, in South Portland
  • Traip Academy, in Kittery
  • The Maine Waldorf School, in Freeport
  • DeLorme Map
  • Thomas College
  • Skowhegan Readiness Center
  • CEI
  • New Balance Shoes

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