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W.H. Demmons designs high quality, tightly controlled process cooling systems that can be controlled from away.

W.H. Demmons is a design-build-engineering firm staffed with an engineering division, installation crew, and service department. By having such extensive in-house experience and industry knowledge, we can craft solutions to specific to each client’s needs.

W.H. Demmons visits AEC Queretaro, Mexico for installation of our new process cooling system.

In manufacturing, tight tolerances and reliability can be the key to success and consistency in a final product. Downtime is not an option, especially when keeping up with orders. This therefore sets the stage for process cooling applications. Whether we are working at New Balance Shoes, helping them build shoes by keep the humidity down so their adhesive will hold, or working in France or Mexico to build the new LEAP jet engine for Albany Engineering Composites, we have the experience in engineering to design to our customer’s needs. We combine this with our building automation controls to deliver a system that is dependable and allows our customers to view the final working system online from anywhere in the world, tracking performance and archiving this information over time for record.

Each system has differences in chiller design, water filtration, temperature control, flow rates, and how to economize during the cold winter months. Most systems have several redundant components to ensure reliability, from pumps to chillers to control valves.

We also have worked within the industry long enough to understand the geographic differences in project cost. For example, in France, it is less expensive to pipe our chilled water system in stainless steel than copper – a simple shift in project material that results in huge savings for our client. Our dedication to success means we have constantly sought similar cost-effective solutions, and we are more than happy to recommend these to our clients.

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