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Designing an HVAC system for any space requires careful understanding of the internal loads of the space, the thermal envelope of the building, as well as outside ambient conditions throughout the year.

It also requires a significant knowledge of what HVAC equipment and/or technology exists and how to apply it, so as to meet the desired conditions in the most energy efficient way without taxing the equipment, shortening the equipment’s useful life, and increasing downtime due to equipment failures.

This becomes even more complicated when considering the stringent indoor environment requirements of a medical marijuana operation, where temperature, relative humidity, air movement, room pressurization, and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) need to work together to maintain tight tolerances.

Until we got W.H. Demmons involved we just could not get the humidity down in any of the Flowering Rooms.  Now it stays around 45% and our production is way up and without mold.

-Shawn Hebert
Director of Production Operations
Wellness Connection Maine

An essential component is a control system that regulates these conditions, while recording and documenting the conditions, and alarming the user when adverse conditions occur. A well-designed control system gives the grower the ability to improve their knowledge and make more prudent decisions by archiving room conditions that can be compared with gains or improvements in harvests.

This allows the grower to achieve constant high yield harvests that are virtually mold free, with a production rate in the high 90% range, without working your HVAC equipment hard – all while significantly reducing operating costs. It also means minimal cross-contamination between flowering rooms, and accelerated grow times.

Our Goal

W.H. Demmons works with clients and growers to construct an HVAC system capable of promoting maximum plant growth, deterring loss due to mold, and optimizing overall yield. To accomplish this task, our engineers research each grower’s specific needs, taking into account such elements as operational size and cannabis breeds, and then design a customized system using resource-efficient solutions.

W.H. Demmons has recently completed designing and installing HVAC systems for Wellness Connection of Maine, a state-licensed medical marijuana operation with four dispensaries, in Bath, Brewer, Gardiner, and Portland.

We provide clients with:
  • Controlled humidity
  • Temperature regulation
  • Proper airflow
  • Odor control
  • Effective air filtration
  • Pressure control
  • Remote access, troubleshooting, adjustment, and archiving of all important data
  • Energy efficient design

The Five Tenants of a Medical Marijuana HVAC System

The most important aspects of a quality HVAC system are airflow, air filtration, pressure control, humidity control, and temperature regulation. If any of these aspects are not properly controlled, with the grow lights on or off, there is an increased chance of crop degradation or even loss. By installing an intelligently designed HVAC system with the right controls, growers can protect the financial sustainability of their operation, by maximizing crop yield and fending off environmental pitfalls.

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