W.H. Demmons W.H.

W.H. Demmons specializes in design-build-maintain engineering solutions for structures requiring specific dry or clean conditions.

Humidity, temperature, air quality – these are some of the many factors we have excelled at controlling and manipulating, regardless of structural or environmental conditions.

We love working with clients in need of dry or clean conditions but are unsure about the specific humidity or temperatures they need for their situation. Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and marijuana growers, for example, may understand the importance of dry and clean rooms, but are not certain as to what their situation requires. That’s where we come in: W.H. Demmons has provided solutions to many such companies, and we are more than happy to use our lengthy history and HVAC experience to create a unique solution for their specific needs.

Every environment and structure presents its own unique challenges and problems, which are compacted by financial constraints or corporate expectations. We welcome these challenges. We love nothing more than to solve the complex relationship between heat, energy, humidity, and airflow, among others, all while ensuring our clients receive an efficient and financially savvy solution. That way, you’re saving money all year long.

If you have a room or structure in need of a dry or clean environment, contact us today. We will happily take the time to discuss the situation and present a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.

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