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W.H. Demmons has been involved with commercial geothermal heating and cooling projects since 1992, when we completed our first geothermal project at Catholic Charities’ 22,000 square foot building in Portland, Maine.

Like all our geothermal projects since then, we created for the client a customized solution, designed by our in-house professional engineering staff, and installed by our own crews. Catholic Charities is still our customer 24 years later, and this geothermal HVAC system is still maintained by W.H. Demmons today. We are committed to designing solutions that last and last, and our track record is proof of that commitment.

Designing the most Energy Efficient Geothermal HVAC Systems:

The WH Demmons Geothermal HVAC Design is more than using the earth’s aquifers for heating and cooling; we also use the ground under your building to store thermal energy for future use, improving the overall system efficiency over time by another 20%. This approach significantly reduces your carbon footprint and the release of greenhouse gases.

In-house Professional Engineers:

Our staff of professional engineers start with the geothermal well design, reviewing the hydro-geology in your area before selecting the correct well design. We review the type of bedrock, bedrock density, the other aquifers in the area, locate registered wells, and whether there are any close-by restrictions such as high levels of arsenic, brackish water, or any forms of ground water pollution. Then we design the well system. Should it be an open well system using standing column well, pump and dump system, or closed loop system. And then it is designing the wells to the correct depth, so you can store the thermal energy in the ground to be used in the upcoming seasons. Done correctly, you will have warmer water in the ground when you need it for the heating season, and colder water in the ground when you need it for cooling.

The Complete HVAC Design:

Why are W.H. Demmons’ geothermal HVAC systems so efficient? We design the complete HVAC system to work together. Using low temperature heat requires also using low temperature heating devices. Designing with variable frequency drive (VFDs) motors can significantly lower operation costs. Using energy recovery ventilation when appropriate means we can install a smaller system. We design to reduce thermal stratification. We understand when it is necessary to have heat at the floor and not from the ceiling. And to top it all off, we give you the the right building energy controls, so you can maximize performance and monitor the system remotely.

Why A Geothermal HVAC Energy System?

W.H. Demmons installed a geothermal system at the York County Courthouse, in 2006.

Because of the sun’s solar radiation there is a near constant temperature beneath the earth’s surface. Geothermal systems move that heat from one place to another. This utilization of the earth’s natural resources produces a heating and cooling system that is 3 to 4 times more efficient than conventional systems – and more cost-effective. A geothermal system can reduce your energy costs annually by 50% for heating and cooling, and has less impact on our environment than any other HVAC system.

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems:

  • Three times more efficient than conventional systems heating systems and 20% more efficient than any other system.
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Maintains even temperature and humidity
  • No open flame
  • No outdoor equipment
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides unobstructed views
  • Increases resale value of the home or business
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Uses the renewable energy of the earth

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