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It’s easy to forget about the air we breathe. It’s a subconscious act: inhale, hold, exhale; repeat. But the moment air quality deteriorates for any reason – excessive particles, chemical fumes, biting cold or burning heat – breathing becomes a safety concern. It can even become deadly.


Insurance Modifier

In our line of business, safety isn’t just a priority but a necessity.

It’s the driving force behind every project, because we understand that we create more than cost-effective solutions – we’re creating life-sustaining environments. Humidity, airflow, temperature regulation, these factors must be carefully manipulated, otherwise one’s safety is at risk, and our professional staff has the experience and expertise to ensure every project meets and exceeds safety standards.

WH Demmons’ performance and attention to detail on the last several jobs over a span of two years have gone without a hitch. 

– Peter Martell, New Balance

Our employees are encouraged to speak up if they see someone putting themselves or others at risk, which has helped us consistently maintain our insurance modifier below 1.0, and while it did recently increase to 0.84, we just completed another year of no loss time injuries, and no OSHA citations. This reduction increases our competitive ability in the market, since our insurance overhead is so low.

Our safety saves us money, which allows us to pass the savings to our clients.

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