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At WHDemmons, one of our top goals of 2022, is to start spreading more awareness about our Air Purification systems. By having these systems installed in offices, homes and commercial buildings, our air purification systems not only protect our customers’ environments from harmful bacteria, they also stop the spread of COVID19. 

Post Christmas at WHDemmons, looked similar to many businesses around Maine this year. With employees coming back from the Holidays after visiting family and friends, a few of our managers and field workers tested positive for COVID19. Without realizing COVID had been present in their homes, they came to work, sat in meetings within 3 feet of other employees, no mask, and no other employees contracted COVID or COVID like symptoms. 

iWave air purifier

This means, our Air Purification Systems when applied correctly, WORK! Properly installing Bi-Polar Ionization, above average air filtration (MERV-11 or higher), and proper air distribution with the correct amount of outside ventilation air, will take the harmful bacteria OUT of the air you breathe. 

As 2022 takes off, we will be installing MERV-11 filters or higher into all our customers HVAC systems so they have the most updated and protectant version possible. 

Installing Air Purifier

Bipolar ionization systems help improve indoor air quality in businesses, schools and hospitals by reducing airborne particles such as harmful bacteria or viruses; they even help eliminate odors! Essentially, bipolar ionization produces a concentration of positive and negative ions that attach to (harmful) particles in the air and become larger which increases the effectiveness of the filtration system. 

WHDemmons uses the iWave air filtration system which benefits residential buildings, healthcare, fitness, educational facilities and more. iWave technology provides an effective air cleaning method when installed with your facilities HVAC system to help clean the air you breath. It does this by producing negative and positive ions that attach to the harmful particles in the air such as airborne viruses, making them larger, and more easily caught by the ventilation system’s air filter. When installed correctly, the iWave technology can cover an entire home or building if the supply airflow and return air circulate the entire living space. 

For more information, please visit: https://iwaveair.com/how-it-works/

WH Demmons Air Purifier Filter Install

This is why it is important to have a professional from WHDemmons install the iWave technology, review or design your air distribution system. Installing the iWave technology can be tricky if air does not circulate the building well, give WHDemmons a call to help make your facility safe for its employees.

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