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Nothing is more important in your building than the comfort and safety of the occupants. It takes a team of professional engineers with the right expertise in both air handling technology and air distribution to ensure your system is properly designed for optimal Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). W.H. Demmons actually engineers a variety of Air Filtration systems and Ionic Air Purification Systems to fit your needs, giving you complete confidence in the health and safety of the air you breathe, as long as your system is properly maintained with their experienced licensed technicians. Although everyone benefits from breathing a sanitized fresh air environment, one single filtration or purification system does not address the needs of every space. Each space has different requirements and needs, and our engineers are here to help you make the right decision for your specific needs.

Air Filtration Systems:

Did you know that standard filters in HVAC equipment are designed to protect building equipment only? Not the occupants themselves? The right air filter system engineered by W.H. Demmons protects both building equipment and occupants. It is important to change air filters regularly in order to maintain optimal levels of filtration. It’s equally important to change and install filters correctly!

However, it’s not always a matter of filter changes, but rather a change in filters that is needed to provide an optimal, healthy environment. With a range of filters from pleated to panel to polyester pads to pocket, consult with the team at W.H. Demmons to choose your best fit.

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Air Filter Types

Ionic Purification Systems:

Easily installed within existing HVAC duct systems, air purification systems kill mold, bacteria, and viruses circulating in your indoor environment. Additionally, they freshen stale air by reducing allergens, odors, smoke, and particles.

W.H. Demmons currently offers two types of Ionic Air Purification Systems: the iWave Series and RGF REME Series. Both systems replicate the sanitization processes of nature to bring the health and safety benefits of fresh air inside.

“The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) states that improved air distribution and filtration can reduce the airborne concentration of aerosols (i.e. molds, bacteria, viruses).”
–Doug Martin, President W.H. Demmons

iWave Series: The iWave series uses bi-polar ionization technology to clean the air. Two emitters create positive and negative ions and inject them into the air stream of an existing HVAC duct system. The ions break down pollutants and gases into harmless, odorless compounds such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Ions also remove the hydrogen molecules from airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold, causing them to die.

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RGF REME Series: The RGF REME Series imitates the natural process of the sun, using ionized hydro-peroxides to eliminate odors, pollutants, allergens, smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses. The ions break down pollutants and gases into harmless, odorless compounds such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Ionized hydro-peroxides actively kill microbials (mold, bacteria, and viruses) both in the air and on surfaces.

Learn more about the RGF REME technology:

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