W.H. Demmons W.H.

Hinckley Yachts New Curing Oven

Engineering, Trenton, ME

WH Demmons Inc. and Hinckley Yachts teamed up to build this state-of-the-art boat curing oven in Trenton, Maine.

As technology advances so does Hinckley Yacht’s boat manufacturing facilities. In an effort to build stronger, better boats, in addition to cutting production time, we worked together to create this new curing oven.

W.H. Demmons’ work included:

  • Engineering the custom paneling system
  • Installing the sheet metal skin
  • Fitting custom insulated panels
  • Manufacturing and installing the duct-work
  • Installing curing oven equipment
  • Configuring and installing DDC control system with remote monitoring and trending

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