W.H. Demmons W.H.

Kyle Pillsbury is a hard worker at W.H.Demmons! Kyle has been with the company going on two and a half years in the HVAC construction field, and is one of two licensed plumbers at W.H.Demmons. Kyle is known at W.H.Demmons as the guy who loves, and GOES TO ALL the heavy metal concerts. Black Sabbath, Slayer, to name only a few, are some of his favorites…

In addition to all the fun concerts, Kyle is a huge family man! Kyle and his wife Ashley, have a ten year old son, Mason. Mason goes with Kyle on all of his outdoor adventures whether it is summer, spring, winter or fall! They love to go camping, hiking, fishing, and travel to the Allagash to go camping during the summer. Some of their favorite places are along the coast of Maine; Camden, Bar Harbor, and Hermit’s Island, near Sebasco Harbor. 

In the winter, you can find Kyle ice fishing on just about any pond in Maine, such as Fayette, Tilton Pond, and the Belgrade area ponds – you name it! Kyle grew up in Vienna, Maine, which is near Mount Vernon. 

To help Kyle give back to his favorite charity, please consider donating to The Maine Cancer Foundation: https://mainecancer.org/

Thank you Kyle for all your hard work at WHDemmons, and congrats on Employee of the month for September!

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