W.H. Demmons W.H.

Congrats on being an outstanding employee, Zach! Here is a little bit about Zach. 

After long days at WHDemmons, there is no napping for Zach. He has a very busy family of seven, his wife Hannah, and their five kids Ava, Wyatt, Madeline, Milo and Zoe. You can find Zach and Hannah teaming up to get their kids to baseball, softball and lacrosse any weekday afternoon. Not only do his kids play sports, Zach plays baseball himself on an adult league, in Auburn! 

If their weekends are not filled with sports games, you can find Zach taking one (or a few if they can be convinced) of his kids to go striper fishing along the coast. 

An awesome fact about Zach you may not know, is that he used to be a combat engineer in the army working with explosives. He was deployed in 2010 to Afghanistan.

One of Zach’s favorite charities is the Vet Service Center in Lewiston, affiliated with the VA. To donate: https://www.cdceportal.va.gov/donate_at_facility/

To learn more about it, please visit: https://www.va.gov/lewiston-vet-center/

WHDemmons will also be donating $100 to the Vet Service Center in Lewiston.

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