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Fireside Inn and Suites

Auburn, Maine
Faced with rising energy bills from heat loss in the winter and unwanted heat gain in the summer, Lafayette Hotels, owners of
Fireside Inn & Suites, opted for a white Duro-Last PVC roof. Aside from the overall reduction in operating expense the roof offers, it
also offers the strongest warranty in the roofing industry. Unlike typical roof system warranties, Duro-Last's warranty covers the
entire system for 15 years, materials and labor included, is not pro-rated, and includes consequential damage.

Before installation of Duro-Last white roof Before installation of Duro-Last white roof
BEFORE PICTURE: Blistered, deteriorating membrane shows
the stress of years of service on the roof.
BEFORE PICTURE: Aside from the deterioration experienced,
there was also a significant amount of unused equipment curbs
that needed to be removed.

W.H. Demmons highly trained staff installs a Duro-Last white roof

Adding 2-1/2" of insulation over the existing roof system will prevent significant loss of heat during the winter months,while offering protective barrier to heat gain in the summer.

The white membrane will reflect about 87% of the sun's rays,
reducing the load on the rooftop air conditioners, and prevent
heat buildup through the roof.

Mechanically attached to the roof deck every 60", with screws spaced 12" to 18" typically, the membrane is stretched prior to attachment

Nearly complete, the new roof system is clean, neat, cool and waterproof.



A Duro-Last white roof is 87% reflective


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