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Reliable Controls

A Controls System is a computerized building automation system which can be utilized in a HVAC capacity for climate control in a building providing healthy and comfortable interior conditions in an energy efficient and low emissions manner.
W.H. Demmons Controls Division is a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer
Controls, also referred to as building management systems and energy management systems, can be used in various other applications allowing the user complete control via internet connectivity.

Simply put - controls will make running your HVAC system, lighting, security systems, etc more efficient by allowing you around the clock access. With capabilities as simple as presetting and regulating temperature in a building or as complex as a comprehensive building automation system, a controls system can work for you.

Reliable Controls Save You Money


Reliable Controls MACH-System utilizes industry standard communications and network topologies, providing convenient operator access to the system and minimizes cost for future changes. When existing installations require retrofit or expansion, the Reliable MACH-System supports both Reliable Controls communication protocol and ASHRAE's BACnet communications protocol. This allows for backwards compatibility with existing legacy systems and, at the same time, offers forward compatibility with future controls requirements using BACnet protocol. Industry standard communications and backward / forward compatibility, provide a maximized life cycle for your BAS investment. Many Reliable Controls Installations are operating today using original equipment manufactured since 1986. Reliable believe in keeping a customer for life.

Reliable Controls Grow With Your Company


The Reliable Controls MACH-System is designed to be modular and scalable. The system is very easy to install, service and expand, allowing smaller systems to easily grow into larger systems. There is no pre-defined product boundaries. Initial projects can begin small and over time be expanded to grow into moderate sized or large facilities, including multiple building campuses. During the growth phases, the original hardware, networking and software investment is retained. And never worry about reaching a limit on system capacity, the maximum scale of a single Reliable Controls MACH-System network accommodates up to two million hard points of measurement and control.


Reliable Controls deliver outstanding results


The Reliable Controls MACH-System delivers outstanding performance! There are no server-based nodes, no master/slave bottlenecks and no "canned routines" to compromise the efficiency of the operator. When data changes are requested, the controller responds and executes the changes quickly and efficiently. The high-speed interaction between operator, network and controller is due to several factors including well written firmware, parallel processing sub networks, high scan rates and "modular" object oriented programming. The result delivers outstanding operator to network performance and exceptional value.

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