W.H. Demmons in Portland, Maine designs-builds-maintains energy efficient building systems including HVAC, Controls, Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Duro-Last White Roofs, Metal Roofs & more.
W.H. Demmons, Inc. meets all your HVAC, Geothermal and Roofing needs
W.H.Demmons, Inc. is a design, build, maintain engineering company dedicated to reduce your energy costs and save you money

W.H.Demmons Geothermal Division

W. H. Demmons, Inc. has been involved in Geothermal Projects since 1992 when we did our first project at Catholic Charities in downtown Portland. This first project was a three-story 22,000 sq. ft building that serves as a community center, offering counseling, offices, a library, activity spaces, and a full commercial kitchen and dining area.

This project, like many of our designs, is known for its efficient use of energy ( e.g. this building's energy costs were 40% that of similar buildings ), through the installation of its "state of the art HVAC system" and its superior IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). It is still in service today and maintained by our HVAC Maine Air Service division.

Since our first geothermal design in 1992, W.H. Demmons Inc. has been one of the leading Geothermal Design Build Contractors in New England, and the leader in Maine.

Our team, lead by Douglas Martin, P.E., has been involved in numerous geothermal projects in Maine totaling more than 250,000 ft 2 including office buildings, inns, banks, classrooms, lecture halls, as well as the Maine Audubon Society building in Falmouth

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Our design package incorporates energy efficient design, minimum cost, and improved IAQ. We offer a full design/build/maintain approach to construction starting with our licensed engineers. It is important with these projects to start early with the well design and drilling. A typical well maybe 1,500 ft deep, but each project is always a little different. Understanding the best way possible to utilize ground water to economize and to transfer energy from the earth to the building is the key to success in operating costs and first cost. From this starting point we can move forward with the rest of the design.

We invite you to arrange a visit W.H. Demmons' offices on 93 Warren Ave. in Portland , Maine which has been operating as a Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems since 1995. Please contact Doug Martin to arrange an inspection.

How Geothermal Systems Work

Geothermal systems use the near constant ground temperatures created by solar radiation and moves that heat from one place to another. This utilization of the earth's natural resources produces a heating and cooling system that is three times more efficient than conventional systems and more cost effective. A geothermal system can reduce your energy costs by 50%.

View a more complete explanation of geothermal systems

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Benefits To Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

Three times more efficient than conventional systems
Reduce energy costs
Maintains even temperature and humidity
No open flame
No outdoor equipment reduces maintenance costs
No outdoor equipment provides unobstructed views
Increases resale value of your home or business
Environmentally friendly - uses the renewable energy of the earth


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