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Maine Central Institute

Chuck and Helen Cianchette
Math and Science Building

Pittsfield, Maine

State-of-the-art heating for a state-of-the-art school.
John Rasmussen, Central Maine Power Co.

In January 2001, a new addition was completed on the beautiful campus of Maine Central Institute (MCI) in picturesque Pittsfield, Maine - the Chuck and Helen Cianchette Math and Science Building. Founded in 1866 as a preparatory school to educate Central Maine students for further studies at Bates College, MCI now provides a highly regarded curriculum for 520 students from 15 states and 14 countries within an extraordinarily diverse cultural environment. Augmenting academics is a broad spectrum of outstanding extra-curricular programs from the visual and performing arts (including ballet classes conducted by Russian Ballet Master Andre Bossov) to a full complement of high-performing sports teams (three MCI alumni were first round picks in the NBA draft this past year).

Built in honor of two of MCI’s distinguished alumni, the new math and science laboratory facility represents the continuation of the MCI’s commitment to
providing a world-class learning experience “helping young people prepare for the new realities of the world that awaits them”. This is a three story, 23,000
square foot building. Facilities include 6 math classrooms, 2 computer labs, physics laboratory, fully equipped biology and chemistry labs with fume hoods, 4
general science classrooms, laboratory storage, teacher offices and conference rooms. This is an energy-intensive facility with a winter design load of over
900,000 Btuh due primarily to substantial ventilation requirements.

The project included the installation of a state-of-the-art geothermal heating, cooling and heat recovery system. This system was designed and installed by
Maine Air Conditioning, a design/build engineering firm and HVAC contractor, from Portland, Maine. This is the eighth commercial geothermal project in
Maine for this company including the 80,000 square foot Black Point Inn in Scarborough and the 41,000 square foot Evie Cianchette Block office building in
downtown Portland.

The system has performed well in its first seven months of operation. While there has been on-going adjustments to the buildings systems (common to every new building), operating costs are within expectations. Maintenance has also not been an issue. Filter changes are all that’s been required. The following indices are based on annualized seven-month usage data.

10.6 Per Square Foot 36.3 Per Square Foot $1.42 Per Square Foot
These are excellent numbers for total energy use and indicate a well-built and operated building. The cost numbers reflect an average cost per kWh of 13.3
cents including energy supply service through the standard offer. There is better pricing available through competitive energy suppliers which, once secured, will mean even more impressive indices.

System Configuration:
·Two – 1,500 foot standing column wells provide the thermal exchange connection with the earth. The 5 horsepower pumps in each well are controlled by
a variable speed drive.
·One water supply and return loop circulates well water, tempered by the earth, through pipe in the ceiling of the hallway on each floor.
·Twenty-two - ClimateMaster water-to-air heat pumps located in the ceiling above the hallway on each floor provide 80 tons heating and cooling for classroom, office and common spaces.
·Heat recovery loop for the general ventilation system and bathroom exhaust.


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