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W.H. Demmons Is A Proud Duro-Last Cools Roofs


Duro-Last Cool Roofs are a highly innovation, reflective PVC roofing systems ideally suited for flat or low sloped roofs in a commercial or industrial application.
W.H. Demmons Roofing is a Duro-Last Contractor
Duro-Last Cool Roofs are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective, making Duro-Last a leader in the commercial roofing industry. Duro-Last Cool Roofs are Leak Proof, Resistant to Chemicals, Fire Resistant, Resistant to High Winds, Virtually Maintenance Free and Accommodates a Wide Range of Temperatures.

The Cool Roof on Sterling Rope reflects the sun, reducing energy costs


Initial costs of a new roofing system can be deceptive. When pricing roofing systems, it is important to factor in the maintenance and repair costs, energy savings and disposal costs. Duro-Last understands the costs involved and designed Cool Roofs with the consumer in mind.
Duro-Last Cool Roofs are custom pre-fabricated, which not only reduces installation costs, but also ensures a secure fit. This custom fit keeps moisture out, protecting the underlying insulation and roofing sybstrate.
Duro-Last Cools Roofs are virtually maintenance free!
Duro-Last Cool Roofs result in reduced energy costs.

Cool Roofs increase the efficiency of roof top HVAC units

Energy Efficient

Duro-Last Cool Roofs are highly reflective, reflecting solar heat rather than absorbing it. This reflectivity results in a roof being 70 degrees (or more) cooler than other roofing systems creating energy savings especially during mid-day when cooling demands are at their highest. Cooler air also reduces the costs of operating roof top HVAC units.

Duro-Last Cool Roof systems can reduce a building's energy consumption by 40% putting more money back in your pocket!


Cool Roofs are enviornmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Not only are Duro-Last Cool Roofs good for your pocket, they are good for the environment as well.

A Duro-Last Cool Roof is light weigh, requiring less fuel in transport from factory to job site
A Duro-Last Cool Roof is installed over the existing roof, creating less waste and disposal costs.
Not only can Cools Roofs be recycled into other products, but Duro-Last also recycles production scraps.


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